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Notes by Gwen Bronson

This paper is dedicated to Ann Bogart who was so gracious in giving me all the information on Guy Bogart (23 October 1883 - 13 November 1957)

Guy moved to Beaumont 1923

Thank you, Ann.

Guy Bogart was born in Dusenberg, Indiana. He attended school there. He also attended school in Terra Haute, Indiana. Guy came to Beaumont via Los Angeles where he worked as a promoter and newspaper reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Guy liked Beaumont. He decided he wanted to live here. Beaumont was lucky he made this decision. Yes, Guy Bogart was a cousin of Humphrey Bogart. They kept in touch as often as they had time. Both men were members of the Holland Society. They were active in the society and enjoyed the fellowship there.Guy met and knew the people of Beaumont and Riverside County. He also knew people all over California. He traveled out of the U.S.A. and made friends wherever he went. He corresponded with many people overseas. He respected all people, rich or poor. Guy Bogart was not a Teacher. He was not a graduate of Harvard.

In 1924, Guy was elected to the Beaumont City Council and served well. He also served as mayor of Beaumont. Guy belonged to every organization in this small city, serving in various offices - a real worker. Guy was interested in all the churches and promoted them. Guy was president of the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, and he served in this office for 0.6 years. The amazing part of his service to the community - he did it joyfully.

Guy's Wife, Lucy Bogart

Lucy Bogart was a beautiful woman. She was loved in this community. Lucy was a talented violinist who performed with the Terra Haute Symphony Orchestra in Terra Haute, Indiana. She often performed for the people of Beaumont. The Bogarts had only one child, Robert Bogart. Lucy died early in the marriage.

Bogart House

In 1923, Bogart purchased some land near the railroad track. This land had been used for sheep and cattle grazing. Earlier, it had been a vineyard. Not verified, but through the years this land had been called "the Barrett land". Barrett was an early settler. Guy's first project in Beaumont was to build an apartment on Edgar Avenue (still there in 1992). This was the Cherry Tree Apartments. Guy and his family moved into their apartment in 1924. A man by the name of Carey, an excellent builder, also moved into one of the apartments. Carey later married the sister of Lucy Bogart. In 1924, Guy started his home on Euclid Avenue. Carey was to be the designer and builder. This home was completed in 1924, landscaped in 1925. The Bogart and Carey families immediately moved into the new home. There was plenty of room for all.

The House

10 Rooms, 6 Bathrooms The bathtubs were 6 feet long. This was unusual in 1925. Most people used their washtubs to bathe the body. These bathrooms are the same today. Only one bathroom has an added shower. Ann Bogart tells me that "Carey was a great builder - a perfectionist. When one nail was called for in the plan, Carey used four. The building materials were of the best. Carey always inspected materials for quality." The house is at the present time of sound structure and excellent condition inside and out. This is as the house was originally designed, and it has not been altered. The balconies were for sun bathing and were in the original design. There has been absolutely no damage to this home by earthquake, wind, fire or vandals, or by the occupants who lived there.

Guy's Office

When the new house was completed, this was where Guy worked. Ann says, "everyone worked from the three oak desks there." By the way, two of these desks are now in the Beaumont District Library, and one is in the hom e of Gilbert and Gwen Bronson. When Robert Bogart married Ann, they also lived in this house and helped there - all efficient. Each person was adept in all legal papers such as taxes, deeds, adoptions, notaries, etc. Guy did numerous things from his office. First, Guy was a promoter and reporter to various newspapers - to Los Angeles Times and neighboring newspapers also. Getting out the news to the outside was by train. This caused a big rush. The train could be late. Guy also had to toss the manuscripts to the train men as they went by.

This Man Guy

Guy liked cats, flowers, trees, and beautiful surroundings. He wrote many articles about his friends. How could he do all these activities? The family helped him in all enterprises. Ann Bogart said they also liked the work. As I remember Guy, he wore white shirts, bow ties, cuff links, striped pants, suspenders, spats, and he carried a cane. He was in a hurry at all times.


Guy worked diligently to get the highway built from Beaumont to Redlands. Our first road was San Timeteo Canyon Road. The new road was needed. Then, in 1935, through Guy's efforts, the County Supervisor had the road department renew and upgrade the Jack Rabbit Trail.


Guy instigated Easter Sunrise Services. All Beaumont churches worked on this project. The service clubs were also involved in Beaumont's Sunrise Services. Now, there is a hassle over the cross that was put there for these services.


Bogart Park is a treasure Guy left the Beaumont people. He worked with Robert Dillon, Supervisor of this district, to secure 500 acres of land from Riverside County to use as a park. He spent many hours on this project. He succeeded. Also in 1931, Guy Bogart founded the Bogart Bowl Cherry Blossom Festival. 25,000 people attended. He met with the ambassador to Japan, and many Japanese dancers performed. In 1935, this land was covered with sycamore and oak trees. Guy was instrumental in getting a grant of $4,500.00 to plant flowering trees in this park. Then, he also persuaded the Public Works Project to plant the trees. His Achievements For The Community Guy promoted: Extension of garbage disposal plant. Cheaper water -For the farmer. More paved streets. Curbs and Gutters. Better roads to all surrounding communities. Started "U - pick" for the orchardist. Helped with Cherry Festival Parade. Many articles were written by Guy to advertise the things needed in Beaumont at that time.

Robert and Ann

Robert, son of Guy and Lucy Bogart, married Ann, who came to Beaumont via Denver, Colorado, and she lives in Beaumont at the present time. Ann is active with the care of senior citizens in Beaumont and Banning, and she works with the San Gorgonio Pass Historical Society. Robert and Ann Bogart were noted for the excellent work they did in W. W. II. This work was done with the government secret service. The work they were involved in was with computers -this was before computers were popular and everywhere. During W. W. II, the Bogart family used part of their home for people to stay who were visiting patients of the Navy hospitals in the area. During W. W. II, Robert and Ann also kept helping all business enterprises at the Bogart home. Robert, an excellent photographer, did some photography for the government. He was also the photographer for the Metropolitan Aqueduct project during its construction years. He has made many pictures of the area.


The city of Los Angeles gave to Guy Bogart their highest honor award for many things - for excellent promotion to all newspapers, for the promoting of the building of the Ortega Highway from L.A. to San Diego, etc. Guy had various awards including The Gold Loving Cup from the City of Los Angeles, and he also received a silver cup for promotion of the Rotary Club. The son of the builder of the Bogart home is George Carey, 840 Newport Center, Newport Beach, California. Ann Bogart sees him when class reunions are held in Beaumont. Carey attended school here.

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