San Timoteo Canyon Schoolhouse Commitee

Begining July 21st 2009 7:30 PM at the old schoolhouse. The San Timoteo canyon schoolhouse commitee will conduct regular bi-monthly meetings. All subsequent meetings will be held on the 21st of every other month. The meetings are open to those members who have been involved with the schoolhouse comittee in the past or those who are intersted in its future. All intersted parties can become enrolled as a member at our bimonthly meetings

San Timoteo Schoolhouse
31985 San Timeteo Canyon Rd.
Redlands, CA 92373

Facts about the old schoolhouse

  • 1856 Original adobe school built on the site.
  • 1876 The Railroad makes it's way through the canyon.
  • 1894 The Wooden San Timeteo School house is constructed.
  • 1900 Plumbing brought to the school house.
  • 1918 Pepper trees planted
  • 1924 A radio antenea was temporarily installed in the pepper trees during the 1924 presidential elections (Calvin Coolidge). The local residents were invited to come to the school house so they could hear the out come of the election.
  • 1924 Windows relocated, Sunday school begins
  • 1923 Restromm structure built
  • 1924 Windows relocated Sunday school begins
  • 1925 Drinking fountain built Roof stained dark red
  • 1927 Teacher's desk moved to east side of classroom.
  • 1930 Rear alcove windows removed.
  • 1934 Electricity brought to schoolhouse
  • 1935 Well, windmill &water tank removed.
  • 1937 School closed (Sunday school continued)
  • 1987 Sunday school closed, Sign (San Timeteo Union Sunday scholl) removed.
  • The old school house completes a long life of service to the community of San Timoteo Canyon. The schoolhouse falls into a deepend state of disrepair. It's future is in question. Local area bats take hold of the schoolhouse
  • 1990 The school house is used for television back drop in a commercial
  • 1996 The San Timeteo Canyon School House commitee is established. A plan is drafted to get the funding and support to refurbish the old school house.
  • 1998 The bats are removed.
  • 2001 The school house is recognized on the national register of historic places.
  • 2006-2008 The schoolhouse undergoes a meticuoulous renovation
  • 2009 The school house prepares to open as an interpretive center (education and local history)