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Looking North on Beaumont Ave. (Photo shot between 14th and Cougar way)

Cities and Towns located in the San Gorgonio pass: Banning, Beaumont, Cabazon, Cherry Valley, Morongo Reservation, and White Water.

About our area: The San Gorgonio Pass is located in Southern California. It is the major east-west corridor that is used to access Southern California and is located between Mt. San Gorgonio and Mt San Jacinto. The Pass is also of geological significance, the infamous San Andreas fault is found at the lower northern slope.

Interstate 10 and highway 60 merge at Beaumont and are the primary automobile traffic corridors through the pass. Of course the Southern Pacific, now the Union Pacific, continue to use this long established route (Sunset Route/Colton to Yuma District) to move their traffic from Los Angles to places east.

About our organization:The San Gorgonio Pass Historical Society is a non- profit community organization. We meet on the second Thursday of the month at 7 pm-9 pm at the historical Beaumont Women's Club building in Beaumont (306 E. Sixth Street at the N.E. corner of Sixth and Euclid). Our meetings are open to the public and all ages are encouraged to come. Our meetings usually comprise of a historically related presentation by local families or historians. Refreshments are available after the meetings.